LoPresti Contracting Inc. has extensive experience building both custom new construction and additions and renovations.  Our company offers a large array of services to businesses all over the metro west area.   

General Maintenance

We provide general and custom carpentry, electrical, plumbing, hvac and flooring.   All of our sub-contractors are fully licensed and insured boasting decades of experience.   We can provide both routine maintenance or one-time services.  Big or small, we've got you covered.

Seasonal Maintenance

We offer various types of snow removal to keep your business up and running during those tough New England winters. We offer both seasonal plow contracts and shoveling/sanding of sidewalks and entranceways.

Historical Renovations

Our company has had the opportunity to restore numerous historical residences and businesses. We are well versed in the process and entirely comfortable working with local historical commissions to deliver a finished product that preserves the buildings integrity.  


We understand how difficult it can be to keep your rental properties looking new.  Let our company tackle those recurring renovations that need to take place in-between tenants.  We offer economical options to keep your properties looking their best without spending a fortune.  Replacement kitchens, bathrooms, painting and cleanouts are just a few of the many services available.

Building Compliance

Building codes and Zoning laws are continually changing.  We are more than happy to assist you with any projects where building compliance is a problem. Our knowledgeable staff can survey your property and provide a better understanding of the Massachusetts state building codes and requirements.  From handicapped ramps to lead paint removal, we can help bring your building up to code.